Almac R&D Assays

Almac Diagnostic Services has extensive experience in the discovery and validation of clinically applicable biomarkers, through our own range of Almac proprietary assays.

Almac has carried out biomarker discovery in a pre-clinical setting using various approaches including molecular subtype identification, signature generation, pre-clinical cell line modelling and independent validation studies. Signatures discovered in this setting have also been analytically validated such that they could be used prospectively for trial enrichment/selection purposes.

The benefits of the Almac Diagnostic Services approach to Biomarker Discovery are:

  • Provides a fundamental biology which can link to novel therapeutic targets
  • Can function across multiple disease areas and clinical decision points
  • Delivers a robust assay which is easily transferable across multiple platforms

Each Almac assay is listed below with links to further useful information on each of the signatures.

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