Diagnostic Solutions to enable translational research & biomarker-driven clinical trials

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In this Webinar you will learn about Almac’s:

• Novel strategy for patient stratification in basket & umbrella trials
• A solution to enable multiple biomarkers to be evaluated from one sample
• DNA & RNA panel solutions for translational research & clinical trial use
• Customised patient reporting enabling simple interpretation of molecular data

A changing clinical trial landscape

The clinical trial landscape for precision medicine has shifted significantly in recent years towards multiple biomarkers being used to select patients for multiple therapies (umbrella studies) or include patients from multiple cancer types (basket studies).
When multiple biomarkers are required in these types of studies, this usually involves complex logistics with multiple vendors and excessive sample requirements which can increase time to manage and cost to run.

Diagnostic solutions for multi-arm clinical trial design

Almac Diagnostic Services has created novel panel solutions for complex clinical trials – enabling clients to evaluate multiple biomarkers from one sample, whilst saving precious tissue, time and cost. Almac offer a full portfolio of DNA and RNA assays which can be run using dual extraction from one FFPE sample. When combined, the assays provide a comprehensive review of tumour biology, the results of which are presented in an easily interpreted patient molecular data report which can be tailored to client requirements.