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An in-depth look at the future of emerging biopharma and biotech

Emerging biotech and biopharma players have experienced explosive growth in the last few years. Everything accelerated in 2020 with increased investor support.

With this growth come intense challenges: trial complexity, regulatory scrutiny, a demand for experienced personnel, and greater competition, drug development costs and pressure to deliver therapies fast. Sponsors are evaluating potential contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) partners more closely than ever. They need partners with experience in supply chain, advanced technology and global logistics.

In a collaboration with BioPharma Dive + studioID, this trend report takes a close look at today’s emerging biotech and the opportunities and challenges ahead. The report explores:

  • How to compete for funding, time and labor while improving the patient experience
  • The importance of exploring new approaches to clinical trial management
  • Why a willingness to try new technologies is crucial for success
  • What to look for in a CDMO partner

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