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Improving visibility of clinical site storage temperature data to maintain patient safety

Capturing temperature data from shipments is an essential part of ensuring the drug has arrived at the clinical site in good condition and is safe for patient consumption.  Whilst the focus to date has been on transit temperature data, it cannot be ignored that there is a need to understand what happens to the drug after it arrives at the clinical site.

A large pharma client contracted Almac Clinical Services to manage distribution to over 700 sites in a large global Phase III clinical trial. Discussing temperature management requirements for the trial, it became clear that the client was struggling to find an effective way of managing temperature data captured at the clinical site.

They had a number of challenges that they were trying to overcome:

  • An effective way of streamlining temperature management of various different records
  • The strain of managing the sheer amount of data
  • How to ensure sites were compliant with recording and reporting temperature records

Download our latest case study to learn how the large pharma client gained complete visibility of site practices with Almac’s industry-leading software TempEZ™ and more specifically the Site Compliance module.

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