Subject Matter Excellence: Tom Moody

Prof. Tom Moody graduated from The Queen’s University of Belfast with a 1st Class BSc(Hons) in chemistry in June 1998 before returning to gain a Ph.D. in Physical Organic chemistry in December 2001. He has also completed a Masters Degree in Business graduating with distinction in July 2007 specializing in business strategy. His work has earned him numerous accolades and is co-author and author of >50 publications and patents.

Tom is currently VP Technology Development and Commercialization for Almac and Arran Chemical Company and works in the area of Chemistry & Biocatalysis and its application towards the synthesis of chiral molecules, metabolites and labeled compounds. Tom is responsible for managing a multi-disciplinary team of both chemists and biologists to obtain commercially useful biocatalysts for their intended applications.

Biocatalytic processes have been developed from mg to ton manufacture, including development of fermentation processes, to yield the desired biocatalyst. He has been a scientific leader and problem solver in >50 commercial projects in the past 3 years and acts as a consultant in the area of biocatalyst development for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He is also an honorary Professor at Queen’s University of Belfast in the area of biocatalysis.

Read Tom's Latest article "Biocatalysis: Genes to GMP"


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