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Almac are able to provide a full customs clearance process for shipments entering the EU. During the importation process we will check the documentation, commodity codes and unit values before processing the shipment through customs.

We have worked with a number of clients to review their overall supply chain and the use of VAT & duty relief schemes to enable customers to find the optimum solution for the importation of material into the EU, minimising exposure to VAT and duty, helping to improve cash flow.


Ensuring there are no delays at customs, and shipments are processed on arrival in the destination country, Almac operate an ‘OK to ship’ process with our approved couriers so that all export documentation is checked & correct prior to the shipment leaving Almac.

We have significant experience of exporting to the USA and understand the requirements of the FDA and USDA when material enters the USA. We have worked with client’s to provide the correct documentation when importing animal products (e.g. lactose, gelatin shells) into the USA.

We routinely export to Asia, Latin America, and Australasia and have strong understanding of the import license requirements for different countries. In addition we work with clients to provide Certificates of Origin and EUR1 documents to accompany the export process.

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