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Jan- Dec 2020, Published July 2021

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The strategy and activities outlined within this report demonstrate our organisation’s current and future commitment to long-term corporate sustainability and positive corporate impact.

Our strategy aims to maximise our efficiencies and promote fair and sustainable business practices, while ensuring we continue to prioritise initiatives with the greatest impact on human health.

In this year’s report, we have expanded upon four key focus areas: Advancing Global Human Health, Advancing R&D in Drug Discovery, Advancing Our Values & Our People and Advancing our Impact in Communities.

Looking forward, we are committed to measuring and expanding our strategy to improve performance in these key areas.

The Report



I am delighted to publish our annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for 2020.

The mission of Almac Group is to “Advance Human Health,” the driving force behind everything we do as an organisation. Fostering and promoting policies and procedures within our business that support the health and well-being of our employees and the sustainability of our communities is of utmost importance. We believe that this is not just the right thing to do, but is also what will continue to make us a strong partner, employer and a good neighbour in our communities.

The strategy and activities outlined within this report demonstrate our current and future commitment to long-term corporate sustainability and positive corporate impact. Our strategy aims to maximise our efficiencies and promote fair and sustainable business practices, and ensure we continue to prioritise initiatives with the greatest positive impact upon human health.

In this year’s report, we have expanded upon four key focus areas: Advancing Global Human Health, Advancing R&D in Drug Discovery, Advancing Our Values & Our People and Advancing our Impact in Communities. Looking forward, we are committed to measuring and expanding our strategy to improve performance in these key areas.

We are immensely proud to share milestones in this report, which highlight our key contributions in 2020, made possible by the dedication of our employees who truly embody our corporate values. In an extremely challenging year where we had to adapt much of our typical operational practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked to maintain the safest working environment for all our employees.

I am proud of our efforts to ensure client service levels were not impacted in any way throughout and ensuring patients received the medication they so depend upon. The commitment, dedication and professionalism from our employees has been exemplary and I thank them all. It is an honour to lead this incredible organisation as Chairman & CEO of Almac Group, and I look forward to further “Advancing Human Health” with our clients, employees and community as we look to the future together.

Alan Armstrong

Chairman & CEO

Advancing Global Human Health

Contributing through our clients

Contributing through our clients

The Almac Group is an established contract development and manufacturing organisation providing an extensive range of integrated services across the drug development lifecycle to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors globally.

We offer a highly specialised, personalised and expert service along each stage of the drug development lifecycle and beyond. Our innovative services range from R&D, biomarker discovery, development and commercialisation through to product sales.

Our areas of specialism are:

We work with top 25 global BioPharma companies to provide crucial services across their drug development and beyond. Between 2017 and 2019, Almac has contributed to 61% of all FDA approved New Molecular Entities (NMEs).

As a privately owned company, Almac Group reinvests 100% of corporate profits back into the business to support our clients and employees. These investments bolster innovation, sustain our best-in-class services and allow us to continue to “Advance Human Health” as drug development becomes more complex.

Over the next three years, our planned global investment is estimated around £130 million and includes:

  • A new dedicated diagnostic kit manufacturing facility
  • Expansion of our existing API manufacturing facility
  • Laboratory expansion
  • A new bespoke secure chemical storage facility
  • An additional clinical and commercial manufacturing
  • Additional office facilities
  • Expansion of our global HQ infrastructure
  • Clinical packaging facility expansion
  • Additional capacity at our US headquarters
  • A new facility in the Nordics


Joining the fight against COVID-19

2020 saw a new challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud of the part we played, successfully maintaining our highly critical business operations across the globe with as little patient interruption as possible.

We partnered with a variety of global pharmaceutical, biotech and research institutions to support over 140 separate crucial research projects into COVID-19 treatment options.

We supported this urgent research need through a range of service areas, including analytical services, peptide development, expedited Interactive Response Technology (IRT) support, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of clinical trial materials and packaging and distribution of commercial product. These vital projects cover a range of different areas including vaccines and various potential treatments for symptoms and the effects of COVID 19.

Crucially, we were proud to support our client, BioNTech and its partner, Pfizer, by performing a range of services for their successful COVID-19 vaccine which was the first of its kind to achieve authorisation to combat the disease in the world. Almac performed secondary labelling, storage, distribution, depot provision, TempEZ™ life cycle management, adjudication and pharmacist services for this product and were honoured to contribute to such a pivotal trial.

Advancing R&D in Drug Discovery

Almac Discovery

Almac Discovery

Almac Group advances research and discovery through the contributions of our biotech company, Almac Discovery — an independent, research driven company dedicated to the development of first-in-class therapeutics addressing unmet needs.

Almac Discovery utilises capabilities and expertise to discover and develop NCEs and Novel Protein Therapeutics through to the pre-clinical candidate / IND-ready stage, after which the company seek to collaborate with partners to continue their development.

Currently, Almac Discovery’s existing platforms and portfolio deliver NCEs and protein therapeutics against novel targets of relevance in oncology and neurodegeneration.

The core scientific expertise of the company is focused on two drug discovery platforms:

  • Ubi-Plex Platform
  • Protein: Drug Conjugate (PDC) Platform

Ubi-Plex Platform

Ubi-Plex Platform – an integrated Drug Discovery Platform based on its capabilities and expertise in medicinal chemistry, biochemical screening, cell and structural biology, and bioinformatics that enables the company to generate new, innovative drug candidates against the Deubiquitinase (DUB) enzyme drug target class.

The lead programme arising from the platform is targeting the enzyme USP7, a validated drug target that plays a key role in the growth of p53-WT tumour cells. This innovative work is currently at the late lead optimisation stage and is expected to enter pre-clinical development in 2021.

Protein: Drug Conjugate (PDC) Platform

Protein: Drug Conjugate (PDC) Platform – a platform enabling the discovery and characterisation of next generation drug conjugates for the treatment of unmet medical need in oncology.

Whilst the vast majority of industry efforts in the Antibody Drug Conjugate field to date have focused on the use of large full-length antibodies as the vehicle to deliver the cytotoxic payload to the tumour, there is considerable scope for exploiting smaller protein domains as the targeting agents.

These offer a number of potential benefits including:

  • Increased tumour penetration
  • Amenability to protein engineering and site-specific conjugation
  • Improved tolerability

Recognising the potential of small-protein drug conjugates, Almac Discovery has developed the PDC platform based on single domain protein binders. This enabling format is being combined with both established and novel linker-payloads proprietary to Almac, to deliver next generation protein drug conjugates for the treatment of solid tumour indications with high unmet need.

The lead programme arising from the platform is directed towards the cell surface molecule ROR1, a validated drug target that is highly over-expressed in cells from specific tumour indications, notably Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), ovarian cancer and certain types of lung adenocarcinomas.

Data demonstrating the efficacy of this compound in both in vitro and in vivo models of disease has been presented at a number of scientific conferences. It is currently at the late lead optimisation stage and is expected to enter preclinical development in 2021.

Advancing Our Values & Our People

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to “strategically develop and expand a world class group of companies operating in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors.”

Our vision and mission to make a meaningful contribution to human health is weaved into the culture of our organisation and achieved by championing five core values:


Outstanding Quality

We ensure exceptional and reliable quality in all aspects of our work and recognise that quality determines the extent of our success.

Exceptional Innovation

Almac is dedicated to solving important and challenging problems. We do this by promoting an environment where extending the boundaries of knowledge, technology and creativity is encouraged.

Superlative Customer Focus

We are committed to understanding and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. We build relationships based on integrity, responsiveness and excellent communication.

Inspirational People

People are Almac’s core asset. Individually and collectively people are critical to the success of our vision. We recognise excellence and acknowledge that to empower our employees, we need to invest in their continuous development.

Financial Performance

We will drive excellent, sustainable financial performance.


Our vision:

“Almac will be the leader in the generation of superior solutions for the advancement of human health”

Diversity & Inclusion

Mission statement:

Embracing diversity is at the heart of enhancing Almac Group’s unique culture and reflects our fundamental belief that all people deserve equality, inclusivity and the opportunity for advancement. We are committed to cultivating a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for all. Together, we will harness the strength in our diversity and deliver exceptional solutions to “Advance Human Health” globally.

As part of our commitment to fostering an equitable, safe working environment, Almac is committed to diversity recruitment protocols, ongoing and mandatory training programmes for all employees on diversity, equality and inclusion. We also facilitate a way of safely sharing concerns, issues and feedback, all of which are addressed in the most appropriate way.

Training and Development

Almac’s Learning & Developing strategy forms part of the wider Almac strategic planning process. Almac believes that effective learning and development benefits our employees, the Group as a whole and contributes to the achievement of Almac’s business objectives by unlocking potential and impacting profitability, productivity, growth and transformation.

The purpose of this strategy is to link learning and development activities with business needs and to establish priorities and plans for learning and development activities and resources. The Global Learning & Development department contributes to the achievement
of the Almac vision and the success of the organisation by partnering with the business to understand current and future development and growth. This enables us to drive learning that is strategic, measurable and effective.

As result of COVID-19, our 2020 Learning & Development programmes were migrated quickly to an online format to ensure the continuity of learning. Our Learning & Development staff re-worked current content and courses for virtual training delivery through digital training tools. Lunchtime Lecture programmes were made virtual through Microsoft Teams Live events, and the company induction / orientation programme for new employees was transformed into an e-induction where videos and content are now accessed and signed for electronically prior to starting.

Almac training programmes

Across the UK, EU, US and APAC regions, Almac offers both internal certification programmes and open programmes for individual contributors to help our employees learn and grow. These programmes are designed to foster leadership and management skills for employees at varying points of their career.


Our internal ALPs platform houses several free and bespoke Almac training programmes. We develop Almac specific e-learning content as required.

We believe that professional development and continuous learning is necessary to maintain the quality of Almac employees and their continued readiness and ability to contribute effectively to the business. We maintain policies in the areas of Professional Development & Higher Education and Job Specific & Technical Training so employees can make requests and receive support.

Care and Recognition

Pastoral Care

As part of our health and wellbeing strategy, a full time Pastoral Care Manager is employed at Almac. This individual is a permanent workplace caregiver, dedicated to supporting the wellness of all employees, on a confidential basis, neutral from company operations.

Open to all employees globally, our Pastoral Care Manager is an experienced confidante who listens to any issues employees may be experiencing and offers immediate support or signposts them in the right direction to receive further support if needed.

#All4Health Program

We recognise that people are our core asset and we are therefore committed to the health and well-being of every employee. #All4Health is Almac’s fully comprehensive programme for employee health and well-being, designed to support the mental, physical and financial health of all our employees. This is augmented by our #All4Health WellHub which enables employees to gain access to a range of online material anytime and anywhere, including:

  • The very latest health news and information
  • Well-being calendar highlighting Almac’s events, awareness campaigns and other activities
  • Helplines and webchats covering a range of specialist issues enabling direct communication with experts who can help
  • Health apps, health checks and other digital wellbeing tools
  • Bookable workplace well-being services
  • Resources to help and support your well-being


Recognition Program

Almac Ace Awards

Almac recognises that the levels of success, performance and quality achieved by the Group today are primarily due to the people who work for Almac. We recognise that those employees who surpass our expectations in accordance with our core values, who reach and deliver achievements beyond their normal day-to-day duties, should be appreciated.

That’s why a Global Recognition programme in place. This programme, which is open to all, will enable employees to receive recognition from their peers / colleagues and line manager when they demonstrate exceptional behaviours related to our core values of:
Outstanding Quality, Exceptional Innovation, Superlative Customer Focus, Inspirational People and Financial Performance.

We actively recognise the positive results, behaviours and company values demonstrated by our employees through our Almac Celebrates Excellence “ACE” recognition programme.

Advancing our impact in communities

Environment, health & ethical procurement

Environment, health & ethical procurement

Almac Group is committed to carrying out the business of ethical pharmaceutical products manufacture and services provision in a manner which will not harm its employees, customers, contractors, visitors, neighbours or the environment. The company strives for the highest level of health, safety and environmental performance in collaboration with all interested parties.

We record all associated environmental sustainability assessment data on industry-aligned, independent and globally recognised platforms:

  • EcoVadis – combined rating covering a broad range of non-financial management systems including Environmental, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement impacts
  • EcoDesk – Environmental Sustainability Assessment rating

Thorough independent assessments, Almac has been able to proactively adopt new strategies and implement EcoVadis and EcoDesk’s direct improvement recommendations to strengthen our practices and approach.

In addition, we have adopted Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) principles.

As result, our strategic approach includes:

  • Developing a sustainable procurement policy
  • Publicly report on CSR issues (Human Rights, Labour, Environment & Anti-corruption) across all sites
  • Creating a formal energy management strategy
  • Publicly endorsing Global initiatives e.g. UN Global Compact
  • Establishing CSR champions at each site (CSR team)
  • Expansion of ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certification across our multiple sites;
    • Charnwood, UK (2021)
    • Dundalk, Ireland (2022)
    • Souderton & Audubon Pennsylvania (2024)
    • Durham, North Carolina and Singapore (TBC)

Expanding EcoVadis Scope & Introduction of Global Dashboard

We have increased the number of sites surveyed by Ecovadis and extended the scope of others to better reflect the company’s global activities. A dashboard has been created to collate real time and holistic information on the Group’s health, safety and environmental disciplines, to facilitate easy reporting, interrogation and transparency.

Looking toward the future, plans are in place to roll out ISO 45001 (Safety Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certification across multiple sites in the next 3 years to further strengthen our commitment to the highest level of industry standards.

Energy Use, CO2 Emissions, and Water Use

Almac is committed to monitoring our energy use, carbon emissions and water use globally. As part of its environmental strategy, Almac is committed to the responsible management of energy and continually practices energy efficiency throughout all its premises, plant and equipment. It is the aim of Almac to manage energy consumption in order to protect the environment, improve cost-effectiveness, productivity and working conditions and prolong the useful life of fossil fuels.

We report our energy usage and GHG emissions through SECR annually. In addition, Almac complies with the guidelines set out within ESOS.

Safeguarding data privacy and corporate cyber security

Our approach comprises three key areas:

  • Prevent, detect & respond through state-of-the-art technology and processes
  • Advise & inform through policy, a secure software development lifecycle and by shifting our designs to accommodate the security paradigm for all our systems. We also significantly invest in end-user security awareness training, which is updated and rolled out annually
  • Assure working in close collaboration with our Business Development and Quality Assurance teams across the Group to ensure continuous compliance, assessment and improvement of our technology and processes

Regional Milestones

Zero Waste at global headquarters

In April, the Group’s global HQ campus (Craigavon) achieved the highly ambitious goal of sending zero waste to landfill. This is a significant achievement attributed to a combination of the introduction of waste management across the site and our employees observing good waste management practices.

100% of our waste is now either reused, recycled, processed to produce biogas and fertiliser or burned to produce energy. External bins are provided for various waste streams across our site.

Safety management undergoes recertification audit at global headquarters

At our global headquarters in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, Almac’s safety management system underwent a full recertification audit in November 2020, marking our successful transition to the new international standard, ISO:45001. The six day audit involved a number of virtual tours, documentation and discussions around a vast array of arrangements on site.

New water safety management plan at the Group’s North American headquarters

A new water safety plan, designed to prevent Legionella, was developed and implemented at Almac’s North American Headquarters in Pennsylvania. Routine water sampling now takes place utilising our in-house maintenance scheduling programme, with quarterly meetings to review results.

Policies & Commitments

Continued investment in green chemistry

Almac Group’s enzyme research and development programme advances green, economic and scalable processes for the synthesis of chiral Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and intermediates. The need for these processes in the industry prompted Almac to build and fully integrate a biocatalysis group into its service portfolio, which as a group promotes biodiversity, decreases manufacturing costs, significantly reduces waste and reduces transportation costs from start to end of the process.

Plastics pollution

The issue of plastic pollution is one which is particularly important to the environment. In response to this, Almac has joined the Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Program as a support partner. We are committed to working with RPM to assess the purchase, use and disposal of plastic at our sites, and minimise the associated impacts on the environment.

Commitment to sustainable procurement

As a result of our ongoing commitment to support sustainable procurement of products in our supply chain, Almac can confirm the use of palm oil, palm fruit oil, palm kernel oil (PKO) or PKO derivatives are not used in any of our manufacturing and production processes and no tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold remains in the products we manufacture.

Pharmaceutical Materials & Chemicals

Competent personnel carry out risk assessments across the Group regularly. We require reference to the Risk Assessments and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) prior to handling or disposing of any such substances. During sourcing exercises, risk assessments are also required from our suppliers and vendors during sourcing exercises.

Employee Health & Safety

Training is a key component of the Health & Safety management system adopted across the organisation. New employees receive HSE training as part of the induction programme and refresher training is delivered through a variety of internal and external courses.

  FY 18 FY19 FY20
Total No. employees globally* 5324 5618 5915
Lost Time Accidents (LTA) 24 (0.5%) 19 (0.3%) 24 (0.4%)
Number of fatalities 0 0 0

Data represents health and safety outcomes across all Almac Group facilities

*Figures recorded in December of each corresponding year

Modern slavery policy

Almac will not conduct business with a supplier involved in modern slavery or human trafficking. Almac’s Corporate Policy on Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking sets out our expectations regarding responsible business conduct and the standards of integrity that Almac requires all directors, officers, employees and subsidiaries to follow. We expect that our contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, distributors or business partners supplying either goods or services conform to similar behaviours. Accordingly, Almac’s Supplier Policy on Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking addresses our expectations for current and potential contractors, suppliers, sub-contractors, distributors or business partners. All suppliers are required to have read and complied with our policy prior to engaging in business with the Group.

COVID-19 arrangements

We developed a framework to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff, minimise risk to business operations and manage resources to ensure our clients continued to
receive our vital service.

A clear 7-point plan was introduced and communicated to our global employees to comply with the guidelines including:

  1. Practicing social distancing measures at all times
  2. Wearing a face covering when 2 metre / 6ft distancing cannot be maintained
  3. Disinfecting work spaces and limiting the use of shared equipment / supplies
  4. Frequent hand washing
  5. Reminding individuals to avoid touching their face
  6. Avoiding close contact with colleagues
  7. Monitoring their own health condition daily and reporting any symptoms associated with the virus immediately

To manage this on an ongoing basis we developed a tiered structure of command with Gold, Silver and Bronze decision hierarchy across our global locations.

Investing in our communities

School visits & student placements

School visits & student placements

School visits

In the UK and US, Almac hosts several career outreach sessions onsite to students throughout the academic year. These prove to be very popular with students and teachers that are keen to promote the key areas of the STEM curriculum and to highlight career opportunities within our sector. In addition to our onsite sessions, our dedicated STEM and Outreach Manager co-ordinates our employees (our STEM ambassadors) to visit schools and deliver presentations and participate in career conventions.

Work experience/ virtual work experience

In the UK, Almac offers structured, informative and valuable work experience to AS and A-level students across a range of disciplines and occupational areas. Our 2020-21 work experience programme is currently under development.


In the UK, Almac partners with the Southern Regional College (SRC) to provide apprenticeship programmes for students interested in a career at Almac. Our apprentices
work in a high-quality, customer focused, innovative environment, and are fully supported by an Almac mentor at our global HQ campus.

Industrial placements

Almac placements are designed for 2nd / 3rd year undergraduate students currently studying towards a degree that requires a year in industry. Placement students make an important contribution to our teams and work on a specified work-based project over the year. Many placement students receive a conditional offer of employment to continue their career with us after graduation.

Recognising future excellence in STEM

Almac McKervey Award for Excellence in Chemistry

In the UK, this award is presented in commemoration of the life and work of one of Ireland’s most distinguished scientists; Professor Tony McKervey. In 2020, the award was made to Queen’s University Belfast’s Medicinal Chemistry student, Sinead McCann. Dr Stephen Barr, Managing Director and President, Almac Sciences, announced the winner at the Queen’s School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering virtual Graduation awards ceremony on 22nd July. In September 2020, Sinead commenced a 12-month placement with Almac Sciences and received a £1,500 bursary towards her tuition fees.

University collaboration

In Northern Ireland, Almac supports Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University through sponsorship of the School of Pharmacy and School of Chemistry undergraduate award categories. These annual awards recognise students who, through their commendable work and dedication to degrees, show commitment which aligns with Almac’s overall mission of “Advancing Human Health.”

Montgomery County Science Fair Almac Award for Excellence in Chemistry

In the US, Almac is proud to support the Montgomery County Regional Science Fair with the sponsorship of a special award for excellence in Chemistry. Almac employees also support the fair by volunteering as judges in the regional fair, where they will personally choose a winner for the Excellence in Chemistry Award in 2021. The student winners will receive a cash prize for their award winning projects.

Removing barriers to higher education

Through the McClay Foundation, Almac Group entered two partnerships with community organisations in 2020 to establish a scholarship for students in need located in Philadelphia, PA and the Triangle Region, North Carolina.

Both organisations were chosen due to their alignment with our belief that educational opportunity has the power to transform lives and communities.

In North Carolina, the chosen partner was the Triangle Community Foundation, which will award an Almac Scholarship of up to $50,000 over four years to a student pursuing a degree at a North Carolina college or university in summer 2021.

In Philadelphia, the chosen partner was The Philadelphia Education Fund, which will award an Almac Scholarship of up to $75,000 over four years to a student pursuing a degree at a Pennsylvania college or university, also in summer 2021.

Dr John Hinds Scholarship Award

In the UK and Ireland, the College of Paramedics partners with Galen on an annual basis to offer a scholarship award to paramedics who, through evidence of their commendable work and dedication to the profession, receive a fully funded place on the much-coveted Anaesthesia Trauma and Critical Care (ATACC) course. This scholarship is presented in memory of the late Dr John Hinds, a world renowned critical care physician who educated and supported paramedics and ambulance staff across Ireland before his untimely death in 2015.

Strategic Partnerships

Almac Group launched the innovative Pathway™ programme, a comprehensive arrangement of work experiences, tours and resources for students to promote careers in STEM, in 2014. This programme was furthered with the launch of a strategic partnership with W5, the interactive discovery centre in Belfast.

The W5 partnership, a first of its kind in Ireland, has resulted in a comprehensive STEM learning programme based at W5 that aims to improve access to STEM education and promote exciting career possibilities available through pursuing STEM subjects. From its onset, this included the construction of an interactive, bespoke physical exhibition for W5’s, “Med-Lab,” which utilises 3D technology to transport visitors into Almac’s laboratories and production environments. To further the impact of its exhibit, Almac’s sponsorship also included the launch of a STEM Pathway® Programme at W5.

Global Community Service Committee

Almac is proud of our corporate record of charitable donations together with our employees’ charitable giving achievements and overall commitment and success in community life. This is evidenced by the number of employees who give up their personal time to raise money for charitable causes or who are involved in their community in some other way. In recognition of our employees, Almac supports charities nominated by our employees through direct financial gifts. Employees across the globe are given the opportunity to nominate a charity, which is assessed and granted funding by a local Community Service Committee.

In 2020, Almac Group donated £250,000 to charities globally to support their critical work in the wake of COVID-19. All 6,000 employees across 18 locations were given the opportunity to select those charities they deemed most important to their local communities, yielding 3 beneficiaries per location. A total of 33 organisations were selected to receive a donation in direct response to Almac’s employee feedback. The charities chosen cover a wide range of missions ranging from childhood welfare, hunger, cancer support, hospice and social justice causes.

Corporate governance

As a private organisation, the Corporate governance of Almac Group is the sole responsibility of the Group’s Board of Directors who provide overall strategic direction for the organisation and is committed to “Advancing Human Health” globally.

The McClay Foundation

The Almac Group is wholly owned by the McClay Foundation which monitors the organisations activities ensuring it adheres to, and delivers on, the vision and charitable objectives of the McClay Foundation.

The McClay Foundation was established with the vision to “make a meaningful improvement and advance human health,” by the late Sir Allen McClay, one of Northern Ireland’s most distinguished entrepreneurs and philanthropists and founder of Almac Group. The Foundation’s objectives are to:

  • Support and encourage research and innovation
  • Advance the use of diagnostic tools and drugs in the prevention, control and cure of disease
  • Ensure latest advances in healthcare are available to all, including developing countries
  • Generate and promote employment opportunities

Through 4 strategic focus goals:

  1. Research & development of new medicines
  2. Oncology research – targets and biomarkers
  3. Research led care for those in end of life or life limited circumstances
  4. Promoting health and wellbeing in disenfranchised communities and geographical areas

The Trustees of the Foundation have agreed to the following guiding principles to enable the Foundation to achieve its charitable purposes. The Foundation will pursue strategic activities which demonstrate:

  • Meaningful support that will enable the organisation and / or project to advance its objectives significantly and simultaneously advance the charitable purposes of the Foundation
  • A benefit that would not otherwise have been realised by the organisation, but for the support provided
  • Support for NI based organisations and / or projects, where possible

The relationship between The McClay Foundation and Almac Group provides direction, strength and stability to the clients we serve, the people we employ, and the communities that we support.

*The McClay Foundation is involved in a number of local and international initiatives to advance health and well-being, in accordance with its strategic focus areas including, but not limited to, the charities represented below.

Research & development of new medicines
Marie Curie provides support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families

Oncology research – targets and biomarkers
Almac Group advances R&D through highly specialised, personalised and expert service

Research led care for those in end of life or life limited circumstances
NI Hospice provides specialist palliative care to patients who have life limiting conditions

Promoting health and wellbeing in disenfranchised communities and geographical areas
EMMS International provides life-changing healthcare in some of the poorest communities accross the world

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