Pictured: Rachel Robinson, Operations Data Specialist

Almac Diagnostic Services can generate high quality, annotated digital images for clients.

Our team of consultant pathologists, specializing in Cellular Pathology (Histopathology and Cytopathology) & Hematology, are able to instantly access, interpret and evaluate digital images and remotely conduct digital pathology review on H&E samples.

Pathology Review offerings:

Consultant pathologist confirming standard pathology review to include:

  • Confirmation of primary disease indication
  • Anatomic site of tissue collection
  • Tumor area percentage
  • Tumor area mark-up
  • Percentage viable tumor cells

Additional pathology review can also include, depending on test assay requirements:

  • Tumor and tissue area estimations
  • Percentage cellularity & percentage necrosis

Digital Pathology Technology:

Our service includes digital scanning of H&E slides on the state of the art Leica Aperio AT2 Digital Slide Scanner. The Aperio AT2 digitizes traditional glass microscope stained slides to generate whole slide high-resolution digital images.

The Aperio AT2 automated ulta-fast and high-capacity scanning makes it optimally suited for high throughput environments.

  • Reliable autoloader with 400 slide capacity (slide dimensions of 1 x 3 inch)
  • Automated – load and walk away function (time saving)
  • Ability to scan at 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x magnification (powerful imaging)

Examples of Digital Pathology images:

40x Melanoma Sample

40x Melanoma Sample

20x Breast Cancer Sample

20x Breast Cancer Sample

Benefits of Digital Pathology review:

  • Decrease pathology costs (eliminates requirement for courier service, with pathologists extend to broader geographies)
  • Reduce pathology review turnaround time for prospective testing (and therefore overall sample TAT). Almac Consultant Pathologists can access digital images rapidly and remotely from anywhere in the world, improving efficiency, flexibility and productivity
  • Barcoding in place which reduces risk of misidentification
  • The system has been validated to ensure compliance with 21CFR Part 11 regulations
  • Efficient storage and sharing of high-resolution digital images that can be easily transferred to clients.
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