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Automated Accountability and Reconciliation

The following report reveals a whopping $1.3 million saved per clinical trial in tangible costs

Why? Because an automated accountability and reconciliation process cuts costs and shortens timelines.

Download to see the results of a recent survey (sponsored by Almac Clinical Technologies) of study coordinators, clinical operations staff, and CRAs / study monitors which looked at the time spent on reconciling supplies, resolving discrepancies at sites, and completing close-out activities for those using paper-based processes vs. those using automated and electronic solutions.

Discover the substantial benefits and cost savings for:

  • Time spent per kit when reconciling supplies
  • Time spent on resolving discrepancies, as well as accountability and reconciliation activities at sites
  • Close-out activities

Looking to employ these kinds of savings now? Almac Clinical Technologies’ expert team is here to help. Click here to reach out to one of our team members.

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