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Clinical Packaging of Biological Products

With the healthcare industry coming under increasing pressure to reduce costs and keep within tight budgets, physicians are finding it ever more difficult to account for the large cost of biologic products for their patients, with pharma companies struggling to justify the high prices for any but the most novel drugs. Biopharmaceuticals are among the most sophisticated and elegant achievements of modern science.

The advantages of biologics over the small molecule predecessors are not without their costs however. Their safety and efficacy, coupled with their success in treating patients living with serious illnesses.

In this eBook we highlight the following:

  • The Rise of Biologics – Identifying what biologics are, the marketing growth, and 21st century developments in biopharmaceuticals that continues to transform healthcare.
  • Market Pressures – Highlights an overview of the healthcare industry and outlines the role that biosimilars play in this field.
  • The Challenges for Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) – Outlines key issues such as cost and time, globalisation, lack of stability data, reduced inventory and variability in patient enrolment.
  • Key Considerations – Identifies critical drug development success factors that you should consider.
  • Almac and Packaging of Biological Clinical Supplies – Summarises our expertise in the packaging of Biological Clinical Supplies and how our dedicated team can support you.

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