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Preparative Chromatography of Peptides and Other Large Molecules

Over the last number of years, analytical technologies for assessing the purity of a synthetic peptide have changed significantly, with U(H)PLC methods utilizing media with specific properties designed to separate peptide impurities used in almost all peptide analyzes. Furthermore, additional scrutiny of these methods via mass spectrometry or ion mobility spectrometry ensures that all impurities produced during the manufacture of a peptide are now routinely detected. The use of preparative chromatography is still the main option for purification of peptides, a technology that has not quite advanced at the same rate, with 10μm C18 silica still the method of choice for most purifications. This paper will describe the holistic approach taken at Almac to ensure peptides and other large molecules produced for clinical and commercial purposes are still able to meet the stringent regulations and increased scrutiny.

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