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Reserved Technology Capacity

Reserved Capacity Case StudyAt Almac, we realize our client partners face a variety of business challenges from changing clinical trial plans to forecasting difficulties particularly for specialized medicines and orphan drug products and as such, we differentiate ourselves by offering the flexibility that clients need.

This case study is an example of our ‘Reserved Technology Capacity’ business model and provides an overview of:

  • The strategic partnership established between Almac and a global Big Pharma company
  • How moving from a transactional fee for service model benefited our client partner allowing them to have dedicated capacity on key technology to support their clinical trials
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Addressing the increasing pressure on pharmaceutical companies to bring clinical candidates through their pipeline faster and with greater efficiency, Almac Pharma Services provide expert pharmaceutical drug product development solutions.

Our scientists can develop clinical candidates into optimum formulations and manufacture solid oral dose products for all stages of clinical trials.

From developing a fit-for-purpose formulation for First-in-Human trials, to scaling up for late phase trials.

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