CSS Focuses on Australian Market

November 29, 2005

CSS – (Chemical Synthesis Services) – one of Europe’s leading providers of chemistry and analytical services – announced at the recent AusBiotech Conference in Perth (20th-22nd November) that it plans to extend its global reach to the Australian Market.

The Company – part of Almac Sciences (www.css-almac.com) – believes that it has a strong proposition with the range of services offered and their interconnectivity.

Rosaleen McGuckin, VP Business Development of CSS comments; “At CSS we have a range of services that are individually attractive – from potent manufacturing and analytical services to Radiolabelling and Chirals – and compelling in combination.  We believe that we are the only company to offer such a broad range of “connectable” services.”

CSS services are available to cGMP and includeMilligram to 100+ Kilogram synthesis; Synthesis of Cytotoxic and Potent Compounds; Access to world-leading Chiral Technologies; Isotopic Labelling; Peptide, Oligonucleotide and Protein Synthesis; Analytical and Bio-analytical Services (GMP and GLP compliant); stability studies (drug substance and drug product) and; contained micronisation.

The move into the Australian market follows a period of fast growth through internal investment, acquisition and partnership.  In the past 3 years the company has invested £25 million (Aus$59.2 million) in buildings and equipment.  The company employs over 200 worldwide including 120 scientists, with world leading experts in Peptides and Protein Syntheses; Chiral Technologies; Cytoxic Manufacture and Complex Organic Synthesis.

David Moody, VP Commercial Operations says;

“It seems to us that the highly innovative and expanding Australian biotech community will require improved access to diverse and integrated R&D and manufacturing services.  We are determined to meet their most challenging needs with a value proposition second to none”.

CSS also recently made an exciting announcement about the launch of Carbon-14 labelling services on 01 Dec 2005.  CSS will provide radiolabelling services for the development of compounds from drug discovery to launch of API.  This full service provision will include: synthesis of metabolites; intermediates and API.  In an unusual departure from the radiolabelling service provided by others, CSS will also offer GMP synthesis of Carbon-14 labelled API for clinical studies.

David Moody, VP Commercial Operations, comments; “This investment provides our customers with both a highly competitive stand-alone service and the opportunity to meet their most complex needs.  In this regard, early indications are that many of our customers are interested in the supply of radiolabelled peptides, chirals and cytotoxics.  This is another key step towards fulfilling our ambition of delivering diverse, differentiated and highly ‘connected’ services.”

CSS is an affiliated company of Almac Sciences which provides pharmaceutical services across drug discovery, manufacture of API, clinical trials and drug product manufacture.

Any companies interested in “connecting” with CSS should contact Rosaleen McGuckin on:

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