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Chemokines & Complement Proteins

Extensive Number of Human and Mouse Chemokines Available

From research tools to therapeutics, chemokines have a wide and complex range of applications in the biochemical research field. We provide a range of over 60 human chemokines in their native and site-specific labelled forms.

We employ proprietary skills in long-chain peptide synthesis to chemically synthesise chemokines. As a result, high purity products are obtained, ensuring the precise amino acid sequence is produced endotoxin free. This selective manufacturing process is highly amenable to the manufacture of labelled chemokines, ensuring that a single label is incorporated at a specific site in the sequence.

We make available site-specifically labelled chemokines with biotin and AlexaFluor 647®.

All of our products are available in various pack sizes:

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Please see our chemokine FAQs for more details or download our Comprehensive Chemokine Services catalogue here.

If you would like further information, please contact us at [email protected]

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