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Beware of Recruitment Scams

Recruitment fraud is on the increase with scams being carried out online via false job advertisements, job websites, or through unsolicited emails, pretending to be from a legitimate company.

Signs you may have been targeted in a recruitment scam.

  • You have been directly contacted via email or social media to apply for an Almac position.

The Almac Talent Acquisition team will only ever contact you via the following channels:

  1. Using an email address ending in @almacgroup.com
  2. Via our Applicant Tracking System Rezoomo for UK, Europe and other non-US based roles – via an automated email from Rezoomo
  3. Via our Applicant Tracking System Paycor for US based roles – via an email from an address ending in @almacgroup.com
  4. Directly on Linkedin with all subsequent communication always being via an email from @almacgroup.com
  • You have been asked for payment in order to secure an interview or job placement.

Almac will never ask for any form of payment from you in relation to securing employment.

  • You have been asked for payment of any kind prior to commencing a role (visa fees, immigration documents and travel expenses of any kind).

Almac will never ask potential or successful employees to cover these costs prior to commencing a role with the company.

  • You have been asked for personal information including bank details, passport details or home addresses prior to securing an official job offer.

If you are successful in securing a legitimate job with Almac details will be requested upon receipt of your written offer and contract of employment via our Almac Welcome pack.

  • You have been sent a cheque to deposit into your bank account.

Almac will only ever send you payment by bank transfer when you have completed a full month of employment with the company.

What to do if you believe you have been targeted or involved in a recruitment scam.

Do not reply to the suspicious email and contact our Talent Acquisition team relevant to your geographical region. Only verbal confirmation with the Talent Acquisition team will provide reliable clarification if the communication you have received is genuine. You can see all contact details of our Almac offices on our website: https://www.almacgroup.com/our-locations/

Do not send any form of money or personal documents, even if you are told it will be refunded or returned to you.

Report any suspicious activity to Almac directly by emailing [email protected] and attaching the suspicious email/s and any other relevant material.

Alert your bank if you have passed on any personal information.

If you have any queries about the validity of an Almac job offer you have received please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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