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Managing your Trials Through Transition and Beyond

The new Regulation is fully applicable, Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) is live, and the EU is progressing quickly through the first of two transition periods from the Clinical Trial Directive to the new Regulation.  Sponsors must assess their existing and upcoming trials and consider their plans for transition to the Regulation.  Under the new Regulation, there are several changes that impact the packaging and distribution of clinical supplies.  However, the most impactful change is the Annex VI requirement for the expiry date to appear on all clinical labels, with no option to omit the expiry date from the primary container.

Throughout this live webinar, Almac experts will discuss how they can support with the transition of your trial from the Directive to the Regulation and provide solutions on how to manage the expiry date requirement of the new Regulation.

Webinar Speakers include:

  • Frances Smith, Regulatory Compliance Manager
  • Caitlyn Clauss, Supply Chain Solutions Manager
  • Lyn McNeill, Supply Chain Solutions Manager JTM

Key Learning Objectives

  • The transitional timelines under the EU Clinical Trial Regulation (CTR)
  • Learn more about how Almac can support with transitioning trials
  • Packaging and supply chain solutions for expiry date management
  • Just in Time Manufacturing solution for the management of EU clinical supplies

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