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Supporting you through COVID-19 

Almac’s global facilities remain open and operational since the initial outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). To date, Almac Diagnostic Services has not experienced any significant operational impact due to the Coronavirus outbreak and our service levels remain unchanged. 

In each territory where Almac operates and classification has been defined by local authorities, Almac is recognised as an “essential” or “life-sustaining” business. As the global spread of COVID-19 escalates and local and national governments enhance restrictions on people’s movements, we assure you that due to the essential nature of the work we carry out, Almac will continue to conduct critical business operations and our staff will continue to support your supply chain. We are living and working in uncertain, unprecedented and unpredictable times. The health and safety of our employees and our ability to ensure the delivery for our clients and ultimately to their patients is our priority.

Almac Business Continuity

Upon declaration by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of this situation in late January, Almac Diagnostic Services enacted its Business Continuity Plan, which ensures the health and well being of personnel, suppliers and vendors, site operations and the minimisation of risk to business operations, as well as management of resources and quality to ensure our capacities and service levels are maintained for clients.

Almac Diagnostic Services FAQs: 

Given the fast-moving global changes in relation to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, Almac Diagnostic Services has decided to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with up to date information for clients in relation to key areas that may impact their project(s) with us. 

Is Almac open and operating as normal?

We are following all local government guidance and best practice. As a qualifying ‘essential business’ we are operating across all our sites globally.

We can confirm, Almac will remain operational and our diagnostics labs & staff will be available to support your research & clinical trials through the full lifecycle from Biomarker Discovery to Clinical Trial Assay Development, CDx Development & Commercialisation and Clinical Testing.

Does Almac Diagnostic Services have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place for Coronavirus?

Almac Diagnostic Services has established a cross-functional team which meets daily to assess the global situation and impact on business activity. The team review the impact to all areas of the business and are implementing contingency arrangements.

Is Almac Diagnostic Services restricting visitors to your UK or US sites?

Access to Almac facilities is severely limited and we are currently restricting visitors on all our sites globally. Our employees are currently using alternative methods to conduct client meetings (i.e. virtual communication tools, videos etc.) whenever feasible. Should you wish to discuss a potential visit, please contact your Almac representative.

Has Almac Diagnostic Services engaged with Public Health Agencies in regard to the COVID-19 outbreak to help inform and develop plans for your organisation?

Almac Group is engaged with the relevant authorities in each of the geographies we operate.

Do you envisage any impact to service cost or turnaround time for my trial or research project?

At the moment our turnaround times for lab processing & clinical testing remains unaffected. If there is an increase in sample logistics cost, we will notify our clients directly.

Has Almac Diagnostic Services Lab operations / processing been impacted by Coronavirus?

Our laboratory processing activities have not been impacted and we have a Business continuity plan in place that instructs prioritisation of our prospective test delivery over other work as required.

What is the current status for critical reagents or consumable supplies for my clinical trial or project?

All critical reagents and consumables for our ongoing and pending client projects have been identified and appropriate measures taken to ensure continuity of supply. Where appropriate this has included stockpiling of reagents, bearing in mind reagent expiry dates.

What is the status in relation to my clinical sample shipments? Will there be any disruption?

All couriers have been contacted to assess their business continuity measures.

Currently, Almac Diagnostic Services contracted courier has assured us that through their comprehensive logistics chain there should be no delays to service to countries not deemed high risk.

For scheduled flights from specific high-risk countries, we have been informed that trials with recruiting sites in these countries may experience delays in shipment of clinical samples. Almac Diagnostic Services is carefully monitoring clinical trials with recruiting sites in high-risk countries for any concerning trends and will contact you directly as appropriate.

Our commitment 

The wellbeing of our employees, clients & patients is Almac’s number one priority. We recognise this challenge will facilitate new ways of working and collaborating & we are committed to staying connected and supportive through these unprecedented times. 

On behalf of Almac Diagnostic Services, we value our relationship with you & the shared collective impact we can make for patients.  


Should you have any other concerns you wish to discuss in relation to your specific project(s), please reach out to your Almac Diagnostic Services Project Manager or Business Development Representative and they will follow-up accordingly.   

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