Overcoming the Challenges of Taking RNA Biomarkers into Clinical Trials

Featured speaker:
Dr. Katarina Wikstrom
Head of US Operations
Almac Diagnostic Services

RNA Gene expression signatures (GESs) offer tremendous potential to classify patients into molecular subgroups of relevance for prognostic & predictive utilities. However, variations in gene expression caused by technical imprecision in the analysis process, has led to uncertainty regarding the suitability of GES for clinical trial stratification.

Download this complimentary webinar to explore key considerations in the development & analytical validation of developing RNA biomarkers suitable for clinical stratification.

Topics in this presentation include:

  • Lessons learned during the development & validation of an in-house developed Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) gene expression signature
  • Supporting evidence for Gene Expression Signature suitability for clinical trials
  • Innovative reporting of GES with a software solution