Platinum therapy resistance is associated with an enrichment of tumour angiogenesis in epithelial ovarian cancer

  • The clinical and pre-clinical data discussed has potentially significant clinical implications in the management of treatment-relapsed HGSOC.
  • Platinum-resistance in relapsed HGSOC is an indicator for response to antiangiogenic agents.
  • The novel identification of chemotherapy-mediated selection for an angiogenic phenotype in EOC, through upregulation of the PDGFR-VEGF-A signalling pathway.
  • Targeted inhibition of PDGFR (using TKI or siRNA knockdown) reverses platinum therapy resistance in EOC.
  • This clinical and pre-clinical data supports the use of anti-angiogenic agents in the first and second line setting in patients with innate and acquired resistance to platinum therapy, respectively.
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