Dr Nuala McCabe


Dr Nuala McCabe graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 1997 with an Honours Degree in Biomedical Science.  She then gained her Ph.D. training in the Department of Oncology, Queen’s University Belfast in 2001 investigating the role of the BRCA1 tumour suppressor in DNA damage response.  

Following this, she then worked as a post-doctoral researcher Prof. Alan Ashworth in the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre (Institute of Cancer Research, London).  

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During this time she was the involved in the identification of PARP1 inhibitors for the treatment of BRCA-associated breast and ovarian cancers, which are now approved by the EMA.

Dr McCabe joined Almac Diagnostic Services as Team Leader of Internal Research and is now Biomarker Research Manager. Within this role she has gained 8 years industrial experience in drug target identification and biomarker discovery. Dr McCabe has an honorary position at Queen’s University Belfast and runs a team of both industrial and academic staff with a focus on the discovery and validation of biomarkers for clinical trials. Dr McCabe’s work has led to a number of significant invited talks, patents and publications including Nature, Cancer Research, Cancer Cell and Oncogene.

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