Almac optimised workflow for the Illumina TruSeq® RNA Exome Panel for use in biomarker discovery and translational research.

Current RNA panel solution – RUO

Almac Diagnostic Services has a proven ability to discover, develop and validate high quality, innovative RNA-based biomarkers with an extensive track record in establishing assays across key regulatory standards. We are offering the optimised RNA Exome Panel initially as Research Use Only (RUO) – not for use in Diagnostic procedures.

claraT – unique gene expression report 

The claraT report is a unique software-driven solution, classifying biologically relevant gene expression signatures into a comprehensive, easy-to-interpret report.

Offered as a cost-effective reporting solution from samples processed using the Almac optimised RNA Exome Panel. Helping you to maximise the understanding of your data set, whilst saving valuable research time.

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Compatible with both Single RNA and Dual RNA/DNA extraction protocols 

Almac offer both high quality single RNA extractions and a dual RNA/DNA extraction protocol (recommended kits both Qiagen) for the optimised RNA Exome biomarker discovery offering. Dual extraction facilitates simultaneous generation of RNA Exome data and WES data from a single sample, therefore conserving valuable sample material.

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The Platform

The Almac RNA Exome Panel is an optimised Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) solution built on the Illumina TruSeq® RNA Exome chemistry and run on the NextSeq500, NextSeq550 and NovaSeq6000 that detects RNA gene expression from solid tumour samples.

The platform covers approximately 99% of the RefSeq Exome with sequencing data and easily interpretable gene expression matrices for use in biomarker discovery and translational research across multiple disease indications.

Data analysis and reporting is performed using an Almac customised bioinformatics pipeline implemented on DNAnexus, a global leader in biomedical informatics and data management. DNAnexus is a cloud-based NGS solution which ensures scalability and security of project data. A significant benefit of utilising DNAnexus within this offering is the flexibility of workflow optimisation and the ability to customise bespoke pipelines for quality control, alignment & expression estimation.

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At a Glance

  • Illumina enrichment based targeted NGS panel processed on the NextSeq500, NextSeq550 and NovaSeq6000
  • Covers >21,000 genes from the RefSeq Exome
  • Optimised for use with FFPE tissue for analysis of RNA
  • Compatible with challenging sample types
  • Compatible with other tissue types such as fresh frozen
  • Established process controls included within each processing batch
  • Robust quality control pipelines optimised for core quality metrics including:
    •  -sample and library QC
    •  -sequencing run QC
    •  -post sequencing/ alignment QC
  • Results in highly repeatable and reproducible gene expression data in comparison to other RNA expression platforms.

Key Benefits

  • High quality service for profiling gene expression data from solid tissue types
  • Optimised protocol maximising on pass rates and sequencing data quality from challenging sample types, reducing sample attrition
  • Highly repeatable and reproducible gene expression data
  • Provision of raw data for research use
  • Requires minimal sample material
  • Evaluation of multiple biologies on one panel
  • Almac customised bioinformatics pipeline using a cloud-based solution (DNAnexus)
  • claraT: cost effective solution, producing an easy to interpret gene expression report.

Key Facts

Metric RNA Exome Discovery Panel
Tissue Type FFPE (or FF)
Recommended Tissue Requirements 1mm³ FFPE Tissue (macrodissected)
Input Material RNA
Recommended Input Requirements 100- 500 ng (dependent on sample quality defined by Almac standard QC metrics)
Raw Data Provided Yes- FASTQ and BAM files
Customisable Reporting Yes
Bioinformatics Applications Cloud based RNAseq pipeline delivered via DNAnexus

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Almac Trusight diagnostics in the lab

claraT classifies multiple publically available gene expression signatures and single gene targets linked to multiple key biologies, alongside Almac’s own proprietary assays, according to the well-established 10 Hallmarks of Cancer. The claraT report is a pan-cancer solution generated from raw gene expression data, utilising Almac’s RNA-Sequencing Service.