We are pleased to announce that we are now analytically validating the Illumina TruSight® Tumor 170 cancer mutation panel. The assay will be CLIA compliant and CE marked for prospective use in clinical trials.

Almac Diagnostics is investing in the validation of this panel and will be in a position to provide validation data shortly to interested parties.

“This assay will provide Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies with a new option in the marketplace to support their clinical trials and CDx development.”

We are encouraging Pharma and Biotech Companies to get in touch with us now to discuss their future clinical trial requirements.

Almac Diagnostics already offer Illumina TruSight® Tumor 170 as a research use only (RUO) assay.

Validated Assay Available Soon

The Assay

The Almac Illumina TruSight® Tumor 170 Clinical Trial Assay is a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) assay that targets DNA and RNA variants from the same sample. The assay covers 170 common cancer genes including key actionable mutations across multiple cancers.

Further information, including the full list of cancer genes, can be found on the following data sheet.

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At a Glance

  • Illumina enrichment based targeted NGS panel run on the NextSeq500 and NextSeq550
  • Covers 170 genes associated with common solid tumors
  • Compatible with FFPE tissue and simultaneously analyses both RNA and DNA from a single sample
  • Targets all coding exons in 170 genes including 55 genes for fusions and splice variants, 148 for SNVs and Indels, and 59 genes for CNV
  • Capable of detecting somatic mutations as low as 5% mutant allele frequency, with >95% sensitivity and specificity

Key Benefits

  • Evaluate multiple biomarkers on one panel from one sample
  • Works from minimal tissue inputs
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Access to raw data
  • Powerful reporting and interpretation of data
  • A highly competitive price
  • A solution that will be kit-able in future to support multiple CDx tests

Key Facts

Metric Almac Dx TruSight® Tumor 170
Sample Input Requirement - DNA & RNA 40-120ng DNA
40-85ng RNA*
Sample Input Requirement - Tissue ≥1mm³ ∞
Turnaround Time 9 days §
Customisable Content Yes
Raw Data Provided with Report Yes

*Ability of TST-170 to analyse RNA alows for detection of expressed fusion genes resulting from both chromosomal abnormalities and posttranscriptional events and thus detects gene fusions that DNA sequencing panels would not recognize. ∞ Variable across tissue type; Melanoma would require more tissue; Tissue fixation has greatest influence upon sample QC and assay performance. § From sample receipt, inclusive of pathology review

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Complimentary Webinar

Almac Diagnostics - Illumina TruSight® Tumor 170 – Validated Assay: Enabling Biomarker Led Clinical Trials and CDx Development.

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In the Press


Almac Diagnostics and EORTC Establish Collaboration for Tumour Molecular Profiling using Illumina TruSight® Tumor 170 panel


Illumina interview Almac Diagnostics on leveraging TruSight® Tumor 170 and being a key beta test site for the panel

Almac Trusight diagnostics in the lab
Almac Diagnostics were selected as one of Illumina’s key Beta Test sites for TruSight Tumor® 170. This facilitated early access prior to commercial release. We have built up a vast amount of experience with the assay that Pharma and Biotech partners can benefit from.

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