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Professor Richard Kennedy MB, BSc, PhD, FRCP

Global VP and Medical Director

Almac Diagnostic Services

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Current Role:

Responsible for the development and delivery of clinical assays in the global clinical testing laboratories.

Previous Experience:

Richard graduated in medicine from Queen’s University Belfast in 1995. As a post-graduate he trained as a medical oncologist and received a PhD in Molecular Biology in 2004. From 2004-2007 he worked as an Instructor in Oncology at Harvard Medical School, USA, where he identified novel biomarkers and drug targets for cancer treatment. This work was published in several high impact journals and the associated patent was in-licensed by a Boston-based start-up company in 2007. In August 2007 he joined Almac where he has been involved in the design and international delivery of clinical trials using biomarkers on behalf of multiple large pharmaceutical companies. In 2011 he also established a research group In Queen’s University Belfast focussed on various aspects of stratified medicine. He currently sits on the CR-UK new agents committee, the MRC Stratified Medicine Panel and the MATRIX NI Government science advisory panel.

Joined Almac:


Professor Richard Kennedy MB, BSc, PhD, FRCP

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