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A Survival Guide To Temperature Data In Life Sciences

Regulations continue to evolve globally within the distribution arena of the Life Sciences industry. There is an increased focus on companies being able to prove the quality and integrity of their drug product throughout the entire clinical supply chain. The industry is facing stricter compliance demands from regulations and regulatory agencies and are not always given clear guidance. There is a growing demand to ensure that proper regulatory knowledge, as well as robust processes and decisive solutions, are in place for companies to be able to demonstrate reliable temperature stability of an Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) throughout the clinical supply chain lifecycle, beginning with manufacturing through to patient administration.

On a positive note, companies that are tracking to this level are a healthy leap ahead of the rest of the industry. These companies are reaping the benefits of being able to respond quickly to urgent site calls due to excursions as well as having access to generate fully compliant reports that can be used for regulatory submissions and inspections.

As the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, the demand for quality and sound data collection is highly recognised across all companies. Now is the time for your company to take control of your temperature and stability data. Find out how in this informative white paper.

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