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Almac Pod™ Changing the Dynamics of Temperature Controlled Clinical Shipping Solutions

In the typical clinical trial today, the cost of shipping and distributing supplies accounts for approximately 60 percent of the overall clinical supply chain. And when the cost of product spoilage from temperature excursions is added into the mix, it is no wonder that pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Research Organisations (CROs), and logistics vendors are all eagerly searching for efficiencies and ways to carve costs out of the process.
Particularly with the rise of biologics and the introduction of strict Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines, temperature control management for clinical trial shipments has been due for an overhaul. Traditional technologies such as water based systems all too often give rise to temperature excursions as products journey from manufacturer to investigator site.

Understanding the cost, logistical, and compliance challenges posed by this changing environment, Almac Clinical Services has introduced the Almac Pod™. This first-to market service solution uses phase change technology and incorporates the efficiencies of the Almac-approved, global courier network to create a temperature controlled shipping service solution that is GDP compliant and eases the burden for our global clinical supply customers.

Explore the properties and benefits of the Almac Pod™ service solution by understanding the trends impacting clinical trial logistics costs, breakthrough shipping technologies, the barriers to adoption and cost analysis of the solution optimised to eliminate temperature excursions.

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