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Global pharma company completes seamless mass transfer of materials with Almac ONE™

In a mass transfer of materials, data alignment is crucial

As clinical trials management becomes more complex, the need for sponsors to have fast access to trustworthy data intensifies. Without it, supply chains become disjointed and the additional risk, time, and cost that manifest can quickly pose a problem to multiple stakeholders, from patients to investors.

Integration of supplies and IRT is key to securing enhanced visibility and accuracy of data; data that is critical to informing smart decision making and achieving supply chain agility throughout the study lifecycle. Yet when the physical aspects of the clinical supply chain are managed by one vendor, and the digital aspects managed by another, vital information can fall through the gaps and require substantial manual intervention (and time) to remedy. When one large pharmaceutical company needed to rapidly complete a mass transfer of clinical trial materials from one distribution facility to several others in the region, data alignment would prove more critical than ever.

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