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Keeping it Moving – The Fundamentals of Clinical Supply Import/ Export

The globalisation of clinical trials is on the rise now more than ever. Global Clinical logistics requirements and Importer Of Record (IOR) responsibilities are some of the concerns for companies operating within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Our Subject Matter Expert, Sharon Courtney, Logistics Service Manager, shares her expertise related to:

  • Importer of Record (IOR) responsibilities
  • Product Valuation Methodology
  • Requirements for Logistics Providers
  • Customs and Customs Broker Interactions
  • Temperature Controlled Shipping Solutions

Sharon is an International Logistics Specialist having worked for 18 years in Clinical Supply Chain. She has expert knowledge in a number of key areas within the end to end supply chain process including management and control of temperature sensitive shipments; risk mitigation (identifying and managing risk); developing and managing robust relationships with transport partners; chain of custody responsibilities; active and passive shipping solutions and import and export country knowledge.

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