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Outsourcing analytical services…because it’s worth it

Almac Sciences: An integrated chemistry and analytical services provider

Choosing the right provider can be overwhelming, and the challenges of outsourcing are faced by a range of organisations, from first-time biotechnology companies to big pharma. However, irrespective of the nature of the sponsor, the principles remain the same and the rewards for building a successful relationship can be significant.

Download the article below to learn about our analytical services and capabilities to assist with all of your analytical contract testing needs with flexibility across our three FDA audited global sites.


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Outsourcing analytical services…because it’s worth it
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Almac API, Chemical Development, Analytical & Solid State Services

Almac Sciences provides integrated services from development to commercial scale of advanced intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

We provide a range of services for small molecules (including highly potent) and peptides. We have a proven track record of saving time and cost through the integration of our services and application of innovative biocatalysis and technology solutions.

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We offer a full suite of analytical testing for a range of different product types including small molecules, peptides, biologics, conjugates, potent and controlled substances.

Our vast pool of scientific knowledge can help to overcome the analytical challenges that typically arise during drug development.

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