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Protecting the Integrity of your Temperature Data in a Digital World

The concept of maintaining records in line with Data Integrity regulations is not a new thought for our industry. Companies have been dealing with the challenges of operating within these requirements for years, and many will have embedded processes to deal with paper-based data in a way that meets the regulations.

However, the industry is continually evolving and with a need for speed and accuracy there then comes a pressure to utilise technology to capture and store data.  With this move comes a number of new challenges and organisations are now faced with the task of implementing more efficient processes whilst at the same time ensuring data integrity requirements are adhered to.

What will you gain from our webinar:

  • Understand the key drivers that have forced changes in terms of capturing and storing data today, and the impact these changes have on embedded business processes.
  • Explore further the data integrity regulations with a focus on the various aspects that should be front of mind when utilising a computerised system for management of temperature data.
  • Delve deeper into best practice strategies to ensure effective collection and management of accurate temperature data from the entire clinical supply chain, whilst ensuring an efficient process is maintained.

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