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Protocol to Patient – Managing Clinical Supplies in an Evolving Marketplace

The path to successful Clinical Supply Chain Management

Clinical Trial sponsors are facing increased pressure to run clinical trials more efficiently by incorporating adaptive trial design, supply pooling, and on-demand labelling strategies to increase supply flexibility and reduce cost. Additional complexities involving IMP (investigational medicinal product), comparators, as well as the ever prevalent regulatory obstacles in emerging clinical trial regions has caused the need for a pragmatic and flexible approach to clinical trial supply chain management.

The growing demand for efficiencies and cost reduction within the clinical supply chain is matched by the expectation of a superior level of service from outsourced Supply Chain Management vendors who can offer:

  • Budgetary management and cost containment
  • Specialised expertise in navigating the complex and diverse import/export regulatory requirements of emerging clinical trial regions
  • Fluid channels of communication between all stakeholders

This on demand webinar is focused on global clinical supply chain management strategies and supporting technologies. Utilising real life case studies, Almac will deliver an interactive webinar that will provide insight and solutions to the challenges associated with clinical supply chain management.

The key topics covered are:

  • Planning & Developing the Supply Chain
  • Forecasting & Supply Strategies
  • Packaging Design Considerations

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