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Retrospective Sample Collection – Biomarker Discovery to Help Rescue your Drug

Sample Access and Profiling for Biomarker Discovery to Help Rescue or Reposition your Drug

With personalised medicine becoming more commonly accepted, an increasing number of drugs in development have a biomarker strategy. In situations where a drug has not performed as well as hoped, a biomarker strategy could potentially rescue the drug or increase market uptake through the use of a companion diagnostic.

Almac have developed a service to enable biomarker studies to be carried out retrospectively in trials where there was not one in place from the start.

This service includes obtaining ethical approval and corresponding consent, identification of clinical information for patients in partnership with investigators, contractual arrangements, sample sourcing and providing full logistical and regulatory oversight of sample preparation, shipping, receipt and biobanking.

In this webinar, Almacs head of project management Dr Peter Kerr, along with Michael Sloan, VP of Business Development, and Kinga Wojciechowska, lead project manager for Ethics and Tissue Collection, give an overview of the service. The talk highlights the reasons for the development of the service and give some details on the potential benefits to biopharma. The details of the service are explained and a case study is used to elucidate the process.

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