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Rising to the challenge of delivering precision medicines for chronic diseases


World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2022

Sapienza University, Rome, Italy



In this recording from the event, you will hear from both Co-Chairs from the World Health Summit and AstraZeneca. In addition, you will hear from expert panellists from Biopharma, Diagnostics and Government including AstraZeneca, Almac Diagnostic Services, Bristol Myers Squibb and Horizon Europe.


The title of the session is “Rising to the challenge of delivering precision medicines for chronic diseases.”


Luciano Saso, World Health Summit

  • Introduction to the session and the panel

Maria Orr, Astrazeneca

  • Overview of precision medicine in chronic disease
  • What does it take to deliver a precision medicine to the patient in chronic disease?

Stefano Vella, Health Cluster

  • Is precision medicine needed in chronic diseases beyond oncology?

Richard Kennedy, Almac Diagnostic Services

  • Co-development of a diagnostic alongside a drug requires a strong partnership

Claudia Dollins, Bristol Myers Squibb

  • Use of diagnostics in trials and in treatment decision making is highly regulated & changing.

Maria Orr, Astrazeneca

  • Final thoughts


Video Length

Just under 1 hr 30 mins

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