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Specialised Kit Assembly Solution

Addressing the increased trend of more advanced medicines and niche orphan drugs entering the market and the need for specialised packaging of pharmaceutical kits and parenteral delivery forms, Almac’s in-house engineering team designed and custom built a flexible piece of technology to process such complex drug products.
This case study provides an overview of the proactive approach taken by Almac’s US commercial packaging team to deliver a bespoke piece of technology within a 6 month timeframe to ensure the successful launch of a client partner’s pharmaceutical kit into the US market.
Download the case study to discover more on Almac’s commitment to not only building long-term, strategic relationships with our client partners, but also our dedication in continually investing in and expanding our capabilities to deliver a best in class service for our clients and ultimately patients.

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Commercial Services

Almac Pharma Services provide a wide range of customised commercial services from supporting product launch, manufacturing and / or packaging drug product, to securing supply chain with global serialisation solutions.

Our flexible, quality-led commercial solutions range from orphan drug launches to ongoing high-volume commercial product manufacture, packaging and supply.

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