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Strategies For The Future of Temperature Controlled Logistics

Almac Clinical Services and Pharma Logistics IQ proudly present the findings of their 2016 Temperature Controlled Logistics Future Trend Report, which examines the oncoming strategies likely to blossom in the cold chain industry.

The future of the pharma cold chain logistics industry is in good shape, with sturdy growth being forecast for the $12 billion market. Many experts are of the opinion that a range of trends are due to take hold in the industry in the near future. The rise of cell and gene therapies and the logistics paths they require (patient to manufacturer to patient, for instance) and the inherent sensitivity of the biomaterials will place new demands on the industry.

You will hear from our industry leader Heather Bogle, Supply Chain Solutions Manager at Almac Clinical Services, as she discusses the temperature services industry as a key priority. Within this report it outlines where stakeholders in the international cold chain community stand on issues such as:

  • How important is it to strive towards being future proof as a temperature controlled logistics organisation?
  • What area will be the most damaging to your firm if you don’t adapt and innovate quickly?
  • What are investment plans over the next 12 months for optimising temperature controlled logistics?

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