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The secrets of a successful supply strategy

In today’s evolving clinical trials, the Interactive Response Technology (IRT) system is vital to ensuring that the right drug gets to the right patient at the right time. It is increasingly valuable for study managers to understand how to optimize their IRT to streamline the supply chain and protect patients. In this white paper, we reveal the secrets that our supply strategy experts have learned over the past 30+ years.

You will learn:

  • Which overlooked factors you should consider to positively impact the supply strategy
  • Best practice approaches to a successful drug supply program
  • Inventory related concepts that will prepare you to make decisions that account for the protocol design and other supply specific constraints

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Almac Clinical Technologies is here to help the biopharmaceutical industry bring new therapies to those in need by empowering clinical trial sponsors to proactively manage sites, patients, and clinical trial supplies through our industry-leading Interactive Response Technology (IRT) and expert consultancy.

Almac Clinical Technologies is uniquely positioned to unlock new efficiencies in the clinical supply chain and to help achieve greater predictability in your projects and programs.

Our professionals are dedicated to delivering high-quality Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solutions, dependable professional services, and reliable customer service. Our expertise, energy, and commitment have earned us a reputation as a trusted ally in the drug development process.

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