Almac at the center of industry thinking

November 23, 2007

Almac Clinical Services and Technologies have been positioned in key roles at many leading recent clinical supply events across the globe. Spanning North America and Europe, experts from Almac have led the way in investigational product think-tanks and conferences.

As clinical supplies and supporting services has become a truly global market, Almac continues to see itself at the forefront of current thinking and innovation. Almac personnel have chaired, presented, hosted and facilitated events spanning the globe – from San Diego and Philadelphia to Amsterdam and Copenhagen. As well as key clinical supply events, Almac has also presented to several FDA Symposium events held in New Jersey and Maryland, USA.

Almac adopts a positive approach to sharing knowledge and best practices with industry peers. Insights and ideas can only be found by meeting with clinical supply groups wherever they meet globally and assisting with the common push to deliver investigational products to investigators and sites in the most efficient way possible.

Commenting on the recent successful events, Robert Dunlop (President, Almac Clinical Services) said

“Almac makes great progress by speaking and listening to its customers and stakeholders. It is important that this is a two-way process and that we can share our thoughts and experiences with our peers. Of course this may assist in improving our clients service levels within their own clinical supply chain and they may help in turn improve the processes and practices within Almac.”



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