Almac Employees Reward Macmillan Belfast, Mindwise Lurgan and Craigavon’s Neonatal Unit in Annual Charity of Choice Survey

June 7, 2013

Craigavon-based company Almac has made a £1,000 donation to each of the three charities its employees have selected as part of Almac’s Employee Charity of Choice initiative. The initiative is one of Almac’s various charity programmes aimed at helping individuals and communities in Northern Ireland and further afield. The annual Employee Charity of Choice survey was sent out by Almac’s Charity Committee to all Craigavon-based employees, asking them to select their top three out of six identified charities. Macmillan Cancer Support in Belfast, Mindwise in Lurgan and the Neonatal Unit in Craigavon are this year’s chosen charities.


Almac’s employees boast a very successful track record in terms of fundraising for charities. They regularly participate in charity raffles, organise collections of Christmas presents for disadvantaged children, select their charity of the year and much more. Contributing to supporting local communities is an essential element of the company’s ethos and Almac’s staff are always ready to get involved.

Whether they support cancer patients and their families, individuals suffering from mental illness, or provide medical attention to babies born prematurely or with health concerns, charities rely heavily on the support of local businesses like Almac to sustain their services and alleviate feelings of isolation and powerlessness whilst addressing at the same time practical day-to-day needs in their local community.

Wendy Lyness, Chair of Almac’s Charity Committee, said: “Almac is delighted to support its employees’ choice by awarding £1,000 to Mindwise Lurgan, Macmillan Belfast and the Neonatal Unit in Craigavon. Almac employees have always been very supportive of charities and as a company we have ensured that a relevant committee and programmes were put in place to efficiently promote charitable initiatives and run successful fundraising events. We are delighted that the money has been allocated to such worthy charities and will be used towards caring for vulnerable individuals and communities.”


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