Almac Group invests £325,000 as part of Stage 1 entry into continuous flow manufacturing

May 25, 2021

Enabling seamless “flow” for our clients through proof-of-concept, scale-up and manufacture

Craigavon, Northern Ireland – 25 May 2021 – Almac Sciences, a member of the Almac Group, has invested £325,000 in continuous flow chemistry equipment to further its most recent laboratory expansion, a £5 million, two-storey R&D centre for flow chemistry, biocatalysis and peptide technologies.

Sited within a dedicated laboratory in the new 32 fumehood technology centre, Almac Sciences’ 10-strong custom and flow chemistry team, can rapidly screen new processes to demonstrate reaction validity under continuous flow and the added value of technology implementation for clients. Success affords the opportunity to move immediately to kilo scale and subsequent delivery of product with seamless “flow”.

Dr. Scott Wharry, Almac Sciences’ Custom and Flow Chemistry Manager commented: “The recent investment is critical for our strategic growth and highlights Almac Sciences’ commitment to offering our clients the best available technology solutions. Our technology development has included the installation and commissioning of high pressure hydrogenation pilot rig (with capability range up to 300◦C and 100 Bar pressure) and from Chemtrix both lab (Labtrix® ) and kilo (Protrix®) scale flow rigs. These enhanced capabilities enable us to deliver superior solutions driving projects from  proof of concept to kilo manufacture rapidly in response to our customers’ critical timelines”.

Additional flow equipment within the facility includes: microreactors, photocatalysis flow rig, Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactors (CSTR’s), Vapourtec E series flow rig, in-house built cryogenic rigs, microbubble and pressure technology, as well as, spray drying, UF/DF and liquid-liquid separation technology.

Professor Tom Moody, VP Technology Development and Commercialisation, Almac Sciences and Arran Chemical Company commented: “This investment highlights our commitment to ensure continual innovation and world-class technology platforms to meet the increasing demand of our global clients across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences and fine chemicals sectors. This, coupled with our established expertise demonstrates our long-term commitment to advancing our capability and innovative range of services for our clients.”

Almac Sciences has seen rapid growth over the last five years and an anticipated continued trajectory with significant investments in its global non-GMP and GMP manufacturing plants, in addition to enhanced analytical solutions to support increased client manufacturing demands. Further announcements are expected in the coming months.


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