Almac Launches Solid State Services

January 29, 2009

In the latest addition to their pharma service connections, Almac Sciences (Informex Booth 728) has launched its Solid State Chemistry capabilities for the North American markets. Optimizing the physical, solid form properties of an API is a critical early step in drug candidate development – and Almac is one of only a handful of API contract service providers with this capability.

Utilizing state of the art analytical research and development technologies at the Group’s Craigavon laboratory complex, the Solid State Chemistry team specializes in solid form characterization, screening and selection, in addition to crystallization process development.

“As regulatory and cost challenges become ever more demanding for complex new drugs, solid form science is increasingly key to drug performance, manufacturing and IP protection”,

notes Business Development VP Dr. Rosaleen McGuckin.

Optimal and well-defined crystal form is the key basis for a robust, large scale crystallization process that will reproducibly deliver consistent material at all key stages in product development.

“By exploring polymorphs, salts, cocrystals and amorphous materials Almac can dramatically improve the characteristics of APIs. A variety of screening methods are employed to discover new solid forms. These may provide improvement in properties – such as increased solubility, bioavailability and stability”,

says Linda McCausland, Group Leader, Physical Sciences.

“This is a further niche specialism that can have a major impact on product development timescales”

adds Dr. McGuckin.

Almac’s main service lines run through contract R&D, custom manufacturing and analytical services. Unique offering in potent & cytotoxic manufacture, peptide and protein synthesis, cGMP and non-GMP radiolabeling (14C), chiral products and technology, solid state chemistry services, micronization, formulation development and drug product manufacture.

Almac offers integrated services from research through development to delivery of finished pharma products and product life extension. Services are provided to over 600 global companies – including all the market leaders in the pharma and biotech sectors.

About Almac

The Almac Group comprises five closely integrated divisions offering a broad range of services from R&D, translational genomic services, API manufacture, product development, clinical trial supply and technology (IVRS/EDC), to commercial-scale manufacture.

The company has over 2,200 employees and is headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. US operations are based in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California. Construction of the company’s new $100m North American Headquarters commenced in July 08 and is expected to be completed in 2010.

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