Almac Recruits Additional 250 Employees in NI in 2006

December 29, 2006

The Almac Group, headquartered in Craigavon with extensive facilities in the UK and US, this month recruited its 250th employee in Northern Ireland in 2006. Eighteen new staff began an induction process at the company’s headquarters this month. This is the highest number of new employees to be recruited in a single year since the company was founded in 2002. Almac now employs almost 2000 people globally.

Almac’s European Head of Human Resources Sue Bill welcomed the new recruits, which include 15 graduates from Northern Ireland. The new staff members are employed across the five divisions of Almac.

Sue Bill outlined the company’s recruitment activity throughout this past year;

“Each month we have an induction process for incoming staff. The highest monthly recruitment figure was for November when 41 people joined the Almac family. Most of our new recruits are graduates and they represent a mix of local people and those who come from overseas. They are spread across the five divisions of the company. We are proud of the track record we have in attracting high quality employees to the company. That is what drives the success of Almac.

“Our people are delivering leading edge pharmaceutical developments and we have strategic alliances forged with a majority of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, it is clear we are making a significant contribution to the local economy and this is important to us also.

“We have seen a significant increase in our employee numbers this year, and as we approach 2007 it shows no sign of slowing down.”

Almac Chairman Sir Allen McClay welcomed the new recruits to Almac and said:

“Earlier this year we consolidated the various services offered by the company under one group name, Almac. Our customers and the market received that development very positively and the steady increase in our employee numbers shows that Almac has gone from strength to strength over the past year.”


Almac now employs 1935 across the group.

The breakdown is: 1163 in NI, 156 in UK & Ireland and 616 in US.

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