ICTI Increase Drug Study Management Efficiency

June 23, 2005

Clinical trials are frequently performed on study drugs that are expensive to produce and in short supply. ICTI helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies manage limited drug supply by using its Interactive Voice Response (iVR) systems with algorithms unique to each clinical trial.

ICTI is pleased to announce that it has implemented an improvement to its drug supply management capabilities. A cross-functional team within ICTI, with the review and approval of ICTI’s biostatistician, recently examined algorithms and practices that have been used for drug management for hundreds of clinical trials. The team developed a set of standards upon which ICTI’s study drug management algorithms are now based. This robust model is flexible enough to accommodate all clinical trials, and incorporates table-driven values to adjust to changing drug management needs throughout a trial.

Richard McCann, ICTI’s President, notes,

“Our customers will benefit from our use of this standards-based drug management model because it reduces IVR development time and maximizes efficient use of scarce study drug. This is another example of how ICTI’s team continually looks to provide additional benefits to our clients.”

About ICTI and Almac Sciences

ICTI is a division of Almac Sciences that specializes in interactive solutions to accelerate the clinical trials process and reduce the costs of clinical trials. Our solutions include Interactive Voice Response (iVR) for patient randomization, dosing and clinical supply management; iDiary phone-based patient diaries; iTrial EDC for clinical trials data; and forecasting for clinical trials supplies planning.

Almac Sciences and its affiliated companies (CSS (Chemical Synthesis Services), CTS (Clinical Trial Services), ICTI (Interactive Clinical Technologies Incorporated), PDMS (Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Services) and ArraDx (Array Based Diagnostics)) provide a broad range of services across drug discovery, diagnostics, pharmaceutical research and development, manufacture of API, clinical trials and drug product manufacture. US operations are based in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California. European operations are headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland with additional operations in London and Edinburgh.

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