ICTI Marks Milestone for EDC

April 21, 2005

Yardley, PA – ICTI is pleased to announce that an earlier version of its Electronic Data Capture product, iTrial EDC, was used in a trial that recently concluded after the planned five-year duration.  Conclusion of the trial was marked by locking the database, so that no additions or changes could be made to the data that had been entered in the EDC system.  The largest mental health trial ever conducted, it was sponsored by the National Institutes of Mental Health.   The trial was complex, with five arms which subjects could opt in to, and included integration with an interactive voice response system (IVRS).

During the course of the trial, ICTI conducted surveys of study personnel using the EDC system to assess their satisfaction with the tool.  Users were overwhelmingly positive about the advantages of using the EDC system, including its ability to work off-line and transmit information over the Internet at a later time.  CRAs and project personnel were pleased with the smooth conclusion of data collection phase of the trial that was supported by ICTI project management, data services, and help desk personnel.

“This trial marks a milestone for EDC use, and validates the value that EDC can provide in the most complex clinical trial designs,” remarked Richard McCann, President of ICTI.  “The integration of EDC and IVR proved to be invaluable in this trial that just concluded, and will bring value to many more trials in years to come.”

About ICTI and Almac Sciences

ICTI is a division of Almac Sciences that specializes in interactive solutions to accelerate the clinical trials process and reduce the costs of clinical trials.  Our solutions include Interactive Voice Response (iVR) for patient randomization, dosing and clinical supply management; iTrial Electronic Data Capture (EDC) for clinical trials data, forecasting for clinical trials supplies planning, and phone-based patient diaries.

Almac Sciences and its affiliated companies (CSS (Chemical Synthesis Services), CTS (Clinical Trial Services), ICTI (Interactive Clinical Technologies Incorporated), PDMS (Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Services) and ArraDx (Array Based Diagnostics)) provide a broad range of services across drug discovery, diagnostics, pharmaceutical research and development, manufacture of API, clinical trials and drug product manufacture.  US operations are based in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California.  European operations are headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland with additional operations in London and Edinburgh.



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