Technical Quality Team Leaders Graduate with Masters in Pharmaceutical Validation Technology

March 24, 2023

Three members from Almac Group’s Pharma Services’ Technical Quality team, Emma Kelly, Jason Wilson and Darryl McConnell recently graduated from Technological University Dublin with a Masters of Science in Pharmaceutical Validation Technology.

The graduates began the intensive course in January 2020 and completed it earlier this year. It has expanded their advanced technical knowledge and in turn benefitted the teams they lead.

The Technical Quality team has been focused on developing employee knowledge through a range of qualifications and CPD modules with the ultimate goal of enhancing client delivery.  This has been endorsed by the Executive and Senior Management teams, particularly Trevor Clarke, VP Analytical Operations. 

Trevor Clarke said: “Almac Pharma Services is committed to investing in the continual training and upskilling of our employees. Providing support from placement students through to Master’s degrees ensures that we continue to carve a pathway to develop and grow knowledge in a productive and beneficial way.

Courses in validation are not widely available which makes these MSc credentials an important asset to the knowledge we provide to our clients. We previously shared the news that a number of the Technical Quality team had completed CPD modules in validation. The successful completion of this course helps to build on the knowledge and experience that has already been developed.

Throughout the MSc, Emma, Darryl, and Jason, who are all line managers were supported to focus on their studies during semesters. They all demonstrated immense dedication to complete the remainder of their course workload during evenings and weekends, largely during the pandemic.

The knowledge gained by everyone is evident at cross-functional internal business meetings, client and vendor calls, audit support and in the direction given to their respective teams on validation strategy, execution, and overall compliance.

Knowledge sharing is key and each of the team leaders regularly share materials and learnings with their teams and support employees who are undertaking CPD Modules from the same course.

Congratulations to Emma, Darryl, and Jason on their significant achievement.”


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