Our unique selectAZyme™ platform offers a range of enzymes suitable for carrying out a wide variety of chemical reactions. Our biocatalysts are prepared in easy to use kits for rapid customer evaluation without any IP issues. Development and manufacturing quantities are available on a transparent and simple £/kg basis.

All kits can be supplied in single-use 96 well format (10mg) or in multi-use bottle format (standard 50mg- other amounts available upon request).

Place your order using the links below, or contact us with any queries or discuss enzyme kit requirements which are not featured.  



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  • Kit contents: 34 enzymes


Benzaldehyde lyases

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  • Kit contents: 5 enzymes


Deoxyribose-phosphate aldolases

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  • Kit contents: 96 enzymes


Threonine aldolases

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  • Kit contents: 50 enzymes


Aspartate Decarboxylase

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  • Kit contents: 9 enzymes
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