We have a wide range of specialist catalog products to help your basic biological research.

We employ proprietary skills in long-chain peptide synthesis to chemically synthesize chemokines. As a result, high purity products are obtained, ensuring the precise amino acid sequence is produced endotoxin free. This selective manufacturing process is highly amenable to the manufacture of labeled chemokines, ensuring that a single label is incorporated at a specific site in the sequence.

We have well-established chemokine products, including native, biotin and unique AF647®-labelled variants. These are primarily available as the human form, but a choice of non-human chemokines are also available. More recently, our catalog has been augmented with modified histones and ubiquitylated peptides.

Please see our chemokine FAQs for more details or download our Comprehensive Chemokine Services catalog here.

If we don’t have the product you need, we’d be very happy to discuss custom manufacture with you.

We have a dedicated website to purchase specialized products.

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