Webinar: Crystallization and Downstream Processes

Thursday 21st October | 14:00 GMT

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This webinar is now complete, thank you for your interest. Please visit our events page to keep up with the latest webinars and events.

Date and time: Thursday 21st October 2021 | 1400 GMT.

This webinar will introduce and describe the benefits of pharmaceutical crystallization process development, how to approach different types of pharmaceutical crystallization processes using process analytical technologies (PAT), and highlight the benefits of developing a controlled crystallization on downstream processes such as filtration, drying and milling.

Topics in this presentation include:

  • Crystallization Process objectives
  • Solubility screening & MSZW determination
  • Methods of crystallization process (Cooling, Antisolvent addition, Evaporation and Seeding)
  • Monitoring crystallization process using Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Downstream Process Development & Particle Engineering (Filtration, Drying, milling and PMT)

Dr. Solomon Abebe

Analytical Team Leader – Almac Sciences
A family man, an immigrant who made it happen all the way from Africa to Europe. One word could describe me is “Tenacious.”

Solomon works at Almac Group as Crystallization and Downstream Processes Development Team Leader.
His skills include different approaches of developing crystallization and downstream processes for the manufacture of solid API as well as the ability to build mathematical models using various statistical data analysis techniques such as chemometrics and process simulating techniques such as Dynochem.
His educational background is a combination in a variety of engineering disciplines: BEng in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Process Engineering and a PhD in Particle Science and Engineering degrees from Middlesex University, Cranfield University and University of Leeds, UK respectively.

Solomon has worked in various projects in prestigious pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer as Material Scientist (UK), Novartis as a Senior Scientist (Switzerland), GlaxoSmithKline (UK) as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) engineer and currently at Almac Group (UK) as team leader.

Solomon boasts several accomplishments, but nothing beats involvement in a blockbuster medicine Seebri and Ultibro Breezhalers for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for which he was a core member of the team who developed the API process.

Dr James Moody

Technical Leader – Almac Sciences
James is a member of the Crystallization Development team at Almac Group as a Technical Leader. He completed a BSc(Hons) in Chemistry and a PhD in asymmetric synthesis at the Queen’s University of Belfast and joined Almac Sciences as an organic chemist and proceeded to work in process development and technology transfer. In 2008 James joined the solid state group and was involved in polymorph and salt screening studies, gaining experience in a wide range of analytical techniques. During this period he specialized in crystallization development and particle engineering and since has been involved in design of multiple processes which have been implemented successfully at manufacturing scale. He has particular interest in use of PAT and wet milling technologies.

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