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Clinical Packaging (Secondary)

Experts in packaging patient kits and labeling

With over 25 years of experience, we have become the most experienced provider of secondary packaging in the industry. We offer extensive global secondary clinical supply packaging services and will provide the most compliant and effective packaging design for your study.

After producing hundreds of thousands of patient kits and labels each year, we are very proud to be pioneers of several novel services, which includes fully automated labeling. We also deploy automated packaging technology where possible, with a huge global capacity across the US, Europe and in APAC (Singapore), and our efficient and flexible packaging service has the capacity to cope with peaks and troughs in supply volumes.

Clinical Packaging (Secondary)

Improving efficiency and flexibility in all your packaging needs

  • Global resources to suit your trial needs
  • Kit and patient pack design, as well as guidance to help you minimize waste and improve your supply strategy
  • Use of automation to produce packs efficiently, reducing both lead times and waste
  • Enhanced label generation and production processes to reduce cycle times and boost compliance
  • By integrating packaging supply with our supply chain management services, we offer forecasting, planning and a holistic view of the full supply chain – so you can plan entire production campaigns in advance
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