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We now offer direct-to-patient shipments from clinical sites directly to patient’s homes. This is available for studies with Clinical sites in the US, Canada and throughout Europe.

We are continuously looking for ways to provide better and more efficient service offerings to accommodate the busy lives of the patients, clinical sites, and sponsors that we work with. We understand that patient recruitment and retention is one of the biggest challenges to the success of clinical trials. Our new innovative solution of shipping clinical trial material direct to patients’ homes offers more flexibility and aims to improve patient compliance.

From our doors to the clinical sites, to the homes of participating patients – our efficient approach is integrated across all touch points.

Key Features

  • Suitable for both temperature-controlled and non-temperature controlled shipments
  • This service is best suited to trials that:
    • Involve drugs with low risk safety profiles
    • Have clinic visits where there is no medical assessment required and the patient is only returning to get additional study drug
    • Have medical assessments that can be done over the phone
    • Have patients that have a difficult time getting to and from appointments

Key Benefits

Everyone benefits from direct-to-patient shipment:

For the sponsor:

  • Lower cost per patient
  • Reduced number of clinic visits
  • Lower dropout rates due to patients missing clinic visits
  • Improved enrollmenT rates due to lower travel demands

For the site:

  • Reduced number of clinic visits

For the patient:

  • Reduced travel and associated costs
  • Reduced number of clinic visits

 Josh Weathers, Business Development Group Manager of Almac discusses our clinical trial distribution service in the US and Canada in the following Q&A video interview

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