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Selecting the right clinical supply partner from the beginning is vital to early phase trial success, this is why so many life science businesses choose Almac

Today’s world is a challenging one and we are seeing so many changes within the development of new complex drugs such as biologics; the production and manufacturing process is proving more intricate and nuanced than ever before, drugs are in shorter supply, the shelf life details are unknown and there is limited understanding about specific drug’s performance and stability, particularly within distribution and temperature-controlled storage environments.  This combined with the pressures clinical teams face to progress trials faster into later phases for commercialization whilst meeting critical milestones on time and budget, these teams rely on robust clinical supply chain management experts from global CDMO businesses whose experience demonstrates their ability is to get it right and successfully bring early phase clinical trials through to commercialization, improving the lives of patients globally.

Almac Clinical Services has dedicated over 30 years to partnering with global life science organizations and strives to deliver best practice supply chain management solutions. As a result, we have developed the ideal platform, supporting the transition of early stage clinical studies into Phase II – III trials, bringing drug products to market faster and more efficiently.

Almac’s Early Phase Supply Chain Solution includes:

  • Supply Chain Management of complex clinical trial development, dosing and shipments of drugs
  • Pharmaceutical distribution, logistics, storage and temperature handling of sensitive drugs that require -70⁰C, -20⁰C and 2-8⁰C storage
  • Lean clinical trial packaging and distribution strategies delivered direct to site (JTM)
  • Configurable and flexible dosing within IRT management systems (IXRS® or SimplifyTM)
  • A dedicated support team of supply chain management consultants who have developed lean methodologies and best practices to guide and reduce risk in early phase clinical trials.

Let us be part of your world and together develop your early phase clinical trial.

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