Just In Time Labeling (JTL)

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Just In Time Labeling (JTL)

Almac Clinical Services offers sponsors Just in Time Labeling (JTL) services, a partial late stage customisation of clinical study kits, performed at the time of distribution.

Just in Time Labeling specifications are performed within designated distribution areas and can be completed within hours, with no impact to distribution timelines. This labeling approach is ideal for studies, which require updates or modifications at the kit level such as a pooled supply strategy, expiration updates, regulatory changes, or changes in sponsor contact details. Just in Time Labeling decreases the need to rework supplies.

Features and Benefits:

  • Execute and approve with full oversite of quality control in a GDP environment
  • Perform as part of the distribution process with no impact to timelines
  • Provides flexibility to clinical material requiring partial late stage customisation
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